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        Whistleblowing Channel

        Sankyu (S) Pte Ltd has developed an important aspect of accountability and transparency mechanism to enable staff and other members of the Company to voice concerns in a responsible and effective manner with providing a channel where whistleblowers can lodge any ethics related issues without any fear of reprisals or retributions and all the information shall be kept confidentially within the investigation committee.

        The whistle blowing channel is as follows for all escalation or communications of any incident(s) of mal-practice(s) or illegal conduct(s) should be addressed to:

        Mr. Takashi Watabe
        Sankyu (S) Pte Ltd
        Department Manager
        Human Resource Department

        Email : t.watabe@sankyu.com.sg
        Phone : 6460 3112
        Fax : 6469 7022
        Address : Sankyu (S) Pte Ltd
        11 Clementi Loop
        Singapore 129813

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