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      1. Contact Us| 日本語


        Sankyu (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a Japanese Multi National companies recognized as one of the logistics industry with comprehensive services company offering fully integrated logistics solutions, International Freight Forwarding (Sea Freight, Air Freight), Warehouse & Distribution Service, Land Transportation, On-Site Logistics Service, Construction Engineering Services and Maintenance services. Candidates with an interest to pursue a career in an logistics company in the Service Industry are welcomed.

        Established in Singapore since 1971, the Group has established a strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region, and continues to make its mark as a global player. Sankyu has subsidiaries and associate companies in Malaysia, Japan, India, China and the Middle East. Thus, opportunities for overseas postings.

        Sankyu?has a global strength of over 26,000 employees with about 900 working in Singapore. Incumbent will be exposed to team-oriented learning and growth opportunities by working with colleagues from different countries and nationalities.

        Click here to apply for Job: Sankyu Career Portal

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