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        Industrial Machinery Engineering Project

        We have the relevant experiences and capabilities to provide our Customers with an all-encompassing Project Management service ranging from Planning,Scheduling,and Safety to Installation/Maintenance Management for General Industrial plant.

        Equipment shifting work to factory
        Equipment installation at cleanroom
        Monument installation

        Engineering Logistics

        With the support of our logistics departments, we are able to provide our clients with a seamless engineering service consisting of packaging, transportation, exporting and importing. For exporting of cargoes to our clients' overseas factory, we use our proprietary packaging list generating software, which uses barcode system to speed up operations and minimize error omissions.

        Installation of tunnel boring machine (Dia7.2m) to underground 30m
        Ferry launch preparation
        Cold box installation

        Design, Fabrication and Installation

        Sankyu is able to tab on the resources or our design department to offer our clients a customized Engineering solution to meet their every unique need for production lines, tanks, Structural and Piping works without compromising on Quality and Safety.

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