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        Industrial Machinery Engineering Design

        We provide you a one-stop solution for your design needs and requirement. Powered by our expediency and expertise, we provide a fully integrated engineering solution with stringent quality, safety and management process controls.

        Mechanical Design

        Customized Machine Design
        Lifting & Handling Jigs
        Lifting Structures
        Equipment Maintenance

        Piping Design

        Equipment Layout
        Pipe Routing
        Carbon Steel
        Fabrication & Installation
        Stainless Steel

        Machining Works

        CNC Milling
        CNC Turning
        Clamps & Chucks
        Precision Parts

        Transfer machines

        Factory Automation
        Hoist & Trolley System
        Electrical Controls & Wiring
        Belt Conveyors
        Screw Conveyors

        Fabrication Works

        Steel Structures
        Pipe Racks
        Silos & Hoppers
        Bag Filters stc.

        Vessel, Tank Design

        Fuel Storage tanks
        Water Tanks
        Air Tank
        Pressure Vessels

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