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      1. Contact Us| 日本語
        Forwarding Service

        We are responsible for door-to-door delivery for our customers.

        Forwarding service

        1. Import/Export customs clearance
        2. Sea shipping
        3. Air shipping
        4. Land shipping
        5. Parcel Service (SBY)
        6. Combined shipping service (Sea & Air / Sea & Land)

        Customised service

        Provided in cooperation with the warehouse, premise, engineering department and overseas network

        1. VMI (Vendors Management Inventory)
        2. Buyers consolidation
        3. Electronic parts management service (storage, picking, delivery)
        4. Bonded goods handling service
        5. Distribution service
        6. Plant facilities shipping/Machine handling
        7. Shipping of heavy cargo, precision machinery and hazardous goods
        8. Consulting service

        System support

        1. Logistics tracking system (KEF)
        2. Procurement logistics system (KEF)
        3. Product logistics system (KEF)
        4. Integrated inventory management system (WebLINCS)

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