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        Tuas Logistics Hub (TLH)

        Located at Tuas industrial estate, it serves as a Logistics Hub to provide the best distribution services for our customers ranging from Nutritional, Pharmaceutical, General cargos, VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) to global distribution.

        Warehouse features

        1. Full rack VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) facility with in-house inventory management system provides efficient warehousing services that include store-in / out and storage by using radio frequency barcode.

        2. Air-con, chill room and sampling room facility and dock-shelter at loading / unloading operation area to meet the handling requirement of fine-chemical and bio-chemical products.

        3. TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association) Class A Certification provides the highest security level in our operation to ensure customers products are safe in storage.


        TAPA “A” Certified Warehouse In Security

        24 Hr Security System
        24 Hours CCTV Monitoring
        Security Checks on containers
        TAPA Certificate
          Halal Certificate

        Description Unit
        1 Land Area 23,016
        2 Total Built - in Area 32,280
        1st Storey
        Cold/ Chilled/ Sampling Room
        9,100 (9,160)
        680 / 800 / 40
        2nd Storey
        Air-Conditioned Space


        2,600 (2,990)
        3rd Storey /Air Conditioned Space Rack(m²) 5,300 / 9,700 (9,800)
        4th Storey Rack(m²) 15,600 (9,800)
        3 VNA Racking System Rack 42,300
        4 Floor Bearing Capacity KN/m² 40
        5 Cargo Lift (5 ton) Unit 2
        6 OMNI Lifter (2 ton) Unit 5
        7 Loading Bay Dock Leveller Unit 23
        Dock Chelter 23
        8 Chasis Parking Bay Unit 100
        9 VNA Truck (1.8 ton) Unit 14
        10 Forklift (2.5 ton) Unit 25

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