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        Introduction to Logistics Solution

        We promote the use of bulk containering services to reduce logistics cost.

        Special - Bulk Containering Service
        We have the skills and expertise to handle bulk containers, which involves the charging of our customers' products into special-bulk containers
        Sea Bulk Containering Service
        Our patented method of bulk-containering helps to convert conventional containers into bulk containers.

        Repackaging Services

        We have specialised equipment to facilitate the repackaging of our customers' products according to their requirements, thereby adding flexibility and reducing costs for our customers. (Fleconbag Paper/Polyethylene Bag)

        Measurement To Paper/Polyethylene Bag 10-30kg
        To Flecongbag 1000kg (Max)
        Capacity 120 Bags/hr
        Filling Products Pellet, Powder

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